RNS Wallets: the Blockchain within everyone’s reach

The intelligent contracts of the Blockchain network of Ethereum, as it is known, have almost unlimited qualities. In this opportunity, we present you the personalized domains through the RIF Name Services, or RNS.

During the webinar UX & Blockchain: addresses and domains for personal use, by IOVlabs, the advantages of this type of wallets or Rwallets were presented. Through them, Bitcoin transactions and a long list of tokens can be made.

In addition, a tutorial was offered to open a personalized address. It should be noted that this type of address is aimed at the general public. But, specifically, they are aimed at the unbanked.

What is the difference between RNS and traditional wallets?

If we take as a reference example two types of wallets, the RNS on the one hand and Coinbase on the other, we will see similarities, the main one being that both work with the Blockchain network. However, there are differences that make the former easier to deal with than the latter type.

Memory is one of the problems with digital technology. The forgetfulness of the addresses is one of the main causes of loss of crypto currencies. Imagine for a moment, explains the speaker, Dulce Villarreal, learning a wallet address with its 26 alphanumeric characters.

With RIF’s Name Wallet, addresses can be personalized, helping you, with a nick, to mark, send or access your digital wallet. With this, unbanked people have a better chance to become familiar with the Blockchain network.

Are Ledger physical wallets still safe?

As far as security is concerned
This is one of the key points in terms of The News Spy preserving our money. In this case, the RNS wallets have all the security advantages characteristic of Blockchain.

In this sense, the security can be shielded with the passage of the 12 words. With this type of key, the violation of an electronic address is practically impossible.

It should be considered that this type of technology of the RNS wallets, based on the Blockchain technology of the Ethereum’s intelligent contracts, inherits all the decentralized security qualities of Bitcoin.